A disease that infects a person’s blood, and may be passed to another person by sexual contact, IV drug use, or breast milk. It cannot be transmitted by casual contact.

AIDS (or, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) results from untreated HIV (or, Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection. HIV weakens the immune system of anyone who is infected. If properly treated by a doctor and medicine, HIV infection will remain relatively symptomless and will not progress to AIDS. If someone infected with HIV does not take medicine for it, he or she will be susceptible to horrible, possibly fatal infections that the immune system is normally able to fight off easily.

As of 2016, there is no complete cure for HIV/AIDS, but long-term treatment can prevent it from significantly affecting your health


Jerry engaged in illicit drug activity and shared needles with his friends during the process. One of these friends did not know that he had an HIV infection. Jerry was recently informed that he now has HIV and is utilizing antiretroviral medications to ensure that it does not worsen and progress to AIDS.