Paying the Monthly Premium

Paying Your Monthly Plan Premiums

In order to keep your coverage, you will need to make a monthly premium payment to your plan's insurance company. In fact, your coverage does not start until you make your first premium payment!

There are four basic ways to pay for your insurance each month. Each of these plans will require you to provide the number of your account and your member ID found on your insurance card.

To check which payment options are available through your insurance plan, call the customer service number provided on your health insurance card, or consult their website.

  • Pay Online
    • In order to pay online, you will have to make an account on your insurance company's website.
    • Once you have registered for an account, you can decide whether you want to manually make each payment online every month, or have your account automatically make the payment for you.
    • You can make payments by using a credit card, debit card, or by directly transferring funds from a bank account.
  • Pay by Phone
    • You can also make payments over the phone, using a credit card, or by transferring funds directly from your bank account.
    • The phone number that you need to call in order to make a payment over the phone can be found on your insurance company's website, or by calling the customer service phone number on your insurance card.
  • Pay by Mail
    • Most insurance companies allow you to pay monthly premium by sending a check or money order through the mail.
    • Make sure tom include your account number and member ID on the check or money order.
    • Payments need to be mailed at least five business days before the premium due date in order to allow for delivery item.
  • Pay in Person
  • If paying with cash in person is easiest for you, bringing your payment to a Walmart, ACE cash express, or CVS store in order to use MoneyGrams to pay the premium is another possibility