Avoid Penalty

You don't have to pay the non-coverage penalty fee that many people who don't have coverage must pay.

if you don't have health insurance, you will likely have to pay the fine charged to people who choose to go without insurance. However some people meet the eligibility requirements for other types of health insurance that are accepted be the law, like Medicaid. Your local healthcare navigator can tell you whether this fine applies to you and what types of insurance you are eligible for.

Fee for Not Being Covered in 2016

For 2016, the fee is calculated two different ways - as a percentage of your household income or per person. You'll pay whichever is higher:

  • 2.5% of your household income
    Maximum: Total yearly premium for the national average price of a Bronze plan sold through the marketplace
  • $695 per adult and $347.50 per child under 18 in your household. The maximum amount charged per family using this method is $2,085.